Thursday, 14 February 2013

Gabrielle Bernstein: Spirit Junkie

I thought I’d kick off my inspiration posts with the person that has inspired me the most this past year. 

The first time I stumbled across Gabrielle Bernstein was through my friend on a girls’ night in. She showed me her books Add More ~ing To Your Life and Spirit Junkie and told me how much she liked them. I took one look at the pretty girl on the cover, scanned her enthusiastic words and dismissed both books instantly. ‘You don’t need to buy these books, stop giving these people your money. They can’t help you, only you can make yourself feel more positive’ I told her. I thought those books were hokum.

Fast forward two months and I saw this Gabrielle woman pop up on my Twitter timeline, then in a feature in a Sunday newspaper, then again on my YouTube feed. ‘OK’, I thought, ‘Something here is trying to tell me to take a second look at this.’ So take a second look I did.

I took what was supposed to be a quick glance at her website and two hours in I was still there. I watched all her YouTube videos and realised how dismissive I was to my friend and how wrong I was about Gabrielle (or Best Friend Gabby as I now like to call her). 

Gabby is a bestselling author, a motivational speaker and a much hailed spiritual guru who not only talks a great deal of sense, but really does practice what she preaches.

Since finding Gabby’s books and attending one of her talks I’ve been astounded to find out how I was creating problems in my life on a daily basis that were of no benefit to anyone, let alone myself. I’ve learned to look at things in a different way and that I have been blocking myself from achieving the goals I have set. Crazy!

I find her philosophy on life really refreshing and her books are easy to read and offer life-changing advice (or ‘miracle moments’ as she likes to call them) that are so easy to pick up and run with.
I’m currently working my way through her latest book May Cause Miracles: A 6-Week Kick-Start to Unlimited Happiness and it’s totally rocking my world. 

You can find out more about Gabby at and her books are available to order here

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