Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Help! I Have A Serious Sugar Crush

I’m super excited to be blogging about Soap & Glory. Recently I’ve been trying out the Sugar Crush Body Wash and the Smoothie Star Buttercream.

Firstly the packaging deserves an A*, I love it, it’s so bright and colourful with a twist of humour that always makes me chuckle – what can I say, I like quirky!

First up the Sugar Crush Body Wash, it’s super foamy and smells really fresh, like a twist of lime in the first G&T of the Summer.  According to the packaging it features an ingredient called Coolcapsule X which cools (duh) and refreshes. It’s fast making its way on to my favourites list.

I hate having dry feeling skin after showering and the Smoothie Star Buttercream has been keeping my skin super-soft. I’m not too sure what it smells like, though. At first I hated it as I thought it smelled like antiseptic, but my other half things it smells like cake so maybe my nostrils need fine tuning. 

Anyway, the cream is super nourishing and has pistachio and almond oil in to boot, to be fair all of the Soap & Glory creams I have tried have all been amazing and worked fast to make my skin smooth and they all smell yummy, yummy, yummy. 

I love this range so much!

Check out your local Boots store for Soap & Glory. The Sugar Crush Body Wash is a steal at £6.50 and the Smoothie Star Buttercream can be snapped up for £10.50. A little birdie tells me the whole range is on a 3 for 2 at Boots, so get down there pronto!

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