Friday, 8 February 2013

Urban Decay Ammo 2 Palette

Urban Decay’s latest offering, the Ammo 2 palette, arrived at my desk today and I’m super excited folks. I’ve been using the brand’s original Naked palette that I picked up in New York on an almost daily basis for the past two years – it really is that good. 

The Ammo 2, according to the blurb, is a reworking of their original Ammo palette which contains 10 of their best-selling shadows all bound up neatly in a dinky box. 

I have never tried the original shades, but I’m guessing the latest ones have a new formulation.  I see they are quite glittery so the originals may have tripped into the fallout trap, which disappoints me more than anything when it comes to eyeshadow. 

The shade that excites me the most in this collection is Maui Wowie, kind of a paler more antique gold version of my fave from the Naked range - Half Baked. 

It’s got some great everyday staples in Sin (also a fave from Naked), Chopper, Polyester Bride and Smog, with the inclusion of some hot colours for evening including the smoky Oil Slick, petrol blue Shattered and the amazing mossy green Mildew. There’s also two pink and purple shades Last Call and Grifter.

On a side note I’m loving the dinky brush that is included in the box and also the travel-size offering of Eye Potion primer that will make sure the shades will not budge. The Urban Decay brushes are among my favourites, they’re super-soft and keep their shape beautifully, also they don’t shed.

I’m really looking forward to trying all of these shades out in the coming weeks, the brighter ones will definitely be on show this weekend for my friend’s birthday celebrations.

I ordered my Ammo 2 Palette from Beauty Bay for £23.

I also paid an extra £1.50 for a surprise sample, which in fact ended up being two. I got a mini Nubar polish in La Perla Frost and a sachet of Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser. I may review these later.

Do you own any of the Urban Decay palettes? What are your favourites?

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