Thursday, 21 February 2013

Alyssa Smith Jewellery

I first stumbled upon Alyssa Smith’s jewellery after she had been retweeted by broadcaster Dawn Porter who was showing off a shiny new ‘Tweetie’ necklace from the designer. I had a quick nose around online and discovered that Alyssa lived in the same town as me – small world.

The Pink Sapphire Bambino necklace and the Mixed Up Gold & Silver Tweetie bangle
I decided to have a quick look at her other offerings and spotted quite a few items that I loved right away. Luckily my 30th birthday was coming up and my girlfriends always club together for a special present so I pointed them in the direction of Alyssa’s Lovebirds necklace, which I was so happy with when I finally tore open the wrapping paper and claimed it as my own.

From there I’ve watched Alyssa’s business grow as she has gathered up a rather impressive posse of celebrities that also love to wear her designs, including entrepreneur Theo Phaphitis, presenter Suzi Perry and star of stage and screen Sheridan Smith, not to mention the likes of Little Mix, Caroline Flack and Gail Porter.

She has also got her own dedicated followers the ‘Alyssa Groupies’ who seem to snap up most of her new items immediately and keep coming back for more. It seems there is mutual affection between the designer and her fans. When one of her customers’ houses caught fire last year Alyssa organised an emergency collection and she and the groupies donated a huge box of goodies to help her customer out until she could return home. How lovely is that?

My fave - The Heart Tag necklace and me wearing it last summer.

One of my favourite pieces from Alyssa’s collection is the Heart Tag necklace, I love this one so much that I wear mine nearly every day. I also bought these as gifts for my bridesmaids and they barely take them off either. One has even had hers on constantly since the big day last year!

Other favourites of mine include the super-cute Pink Sapphire Bambino from the My Fairy Tale collection and the Mixed Up Gold & Silver Tweetie bangle from The Original Tweetie collection.

Alyssa also makes bespoke orders, corporate jewellery, bridal jewellery and is in the process of launching a brand new Mini Me offering for her younger fans which is set to include a Christening range.

You can check out her online shop 

Be prepared to become addicted!

P.S. I have a little interview coming up with Alyssa soon, so watch this space!

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