Thursday, 23 May 2013

Big News...

16-week Baby: Looking slighly more human and less like Skeletor

Ok, so I feel bad but I am back. I’ve neglected this blog lately because my mind has been very busy since I found out that I’m pregnant!

Bad blog timing, I know. No sooner had I decided I needed a project to focus on and that project should be a blog then I soon had something much bigger to obsess about on my hands. For the first three months I didn’t really feel like doing anything at all apart from napping, so this little project kind of fell by the wayside.

Anyway, I have a few product posts planned – I have loads of stuff stored up from my buying sessions over the past few months that I’m dying to share, so I will kick my lazy butt into gear and get cracking.

Anyway baby news... I’m currently 18 weeks pregnant, which in real language is a four and a half months and we found out a few weeks ago that we are having a boy, so any name suggestions are welcome. 

12-week Baby: Lazy baby, hand on head and feet in the air

I’ll add a scan pic or two, they totally looks like every other scan picture, but they're ours – promise! The first scan we had he was asleep and only managed a yawn, but on the later one he was moving about loads and sucking his thumb, so that made things a bit more interesting and I could stop thinking that I would be having a very lazy baby.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to getting back into things, so after the initial hitch let’s get back on it.

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